Get This Free Shuttle Service When You Visit some Tourist Destinations in Banyuwangi

Senin, 04 Oktober 2021 - 02:27
Get This Free Shuttle Service When You Visit some Tourist Destinations in Banyuwangi Nice traditional cart that will take you to certain destination in Banyuwangi for free. (Photo : Rizki Alfian/ TIMESIndonesia)

TIMES BANYUWANGI, BANYUWANGI – The local government of Banyuwangi decided to pamper the tourist in some local destinations with free shuttle during their time at the destination. These destination are Pulau Merah, Djawatan, Dusun Kakao Glenmore, Gunung Ijen, and Bangsring Underwater.

"We would like to pamper the visitors with free shuttle to certain of our destination. And we only designated those shuttle for several ppopular objects which known to be the most wanted destinations in the city," Dwi Yanto, the Act as The Head of Department of Transportation of Banyuwangi said.

Still according Dwi Yanto, the Department of Ttranpsortation will make sure that the shuttle has been prepared for this time of pandemic, that means all the crew, the buss and the passengers will have to follow the new safety guidelines.

According to hi, the Department of Transportation will prepare around 1 bus and 1 mini bus for the visitors. These two vehicles will be operated only on Saturday and Sunday where its usually a peak season for tourism.

Those vehicles could accommodate around 21 passengers for one way route. The route for the bus will be started at Brawijaya Bus Station - local Airport - Pulau Merah - Kakao Glenmore -  ended at de Djawatan and then go back to Brawijaya Bus Station.

Meanwhile for the mini bus, it will started at Terminal Brawijaya - Kawah Ijen/Paltuding - Bangsring Underwater -  Waduk Sidodadi -  and then go back to Terminal Brawijaya. You could use this facilities for free and take the benefit of it.

To be able to enjoy this facilities, you could check in on their official website https://banyuwangitourism.com/jalan-jalan/ and sign your name on the form they provided. Don’t forget to bring your ID card and a copy of it to be handed to the bus driver before you leave to your favorite destination in Banyuwangi.  For those passengers from neighborhood city, you better bring your rapid test result. And for all the passengers aboard, make sure you have been vaccinated before you step your feet on the buss. Enjoy your trip. (*)

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