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Gerai Dekranasda Best Place to Get Probolinggo Type of Snacks

Selasa, 27 Juli 2021 - 01:17
Gerai Dekranasda Best Place to Get Probolinggo Type of Snacks The typical snacks of Probolinggo which you can get at Gerai Dekranasda, Probolinggo. (Photographs: Dekranasda Probolinggo for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES BANYUWANGI, JAKARTA – If you happened to visit Probolinggo and would like to taste the local snacks, then Gerai Dekranasda will be you best alternative to get all the local taste of snacks to try. You will find hundreds of local delicacy at their display.

Probolinggo, East java has been weel known to be developing city with dozens of exotic natural destinations. From waterfall to local beach with captivating sceneries, this city has become one popular destinations by the domestic tourists.


Sometimes, some foreign tourists will also spotted on certain attraction to enjoy its jaw dropping view. There then, the local government through Gerai Dekranasda would like to give them some place to those tourists who willing to have a bite of taste of local delicacy.

"We have petis, crackers, dodol mangga, herbal drinks, shrimp paste,  madumongso, cookies, lots of kind of peanuts, and many more," the Director of Dekranasda Probolinggo, Hj. Aminah Zainal Abidin said.


All the products at Dekranasda was taken from the local home industry. There are around 63 home industries sending their products to this outlets.

You could get their products starting from IDR 6 K to IDR 32,5 K. Gerai Dekranasda opens onnly on Monday to Friday at 08.00-15.00 local western times.

For more information about Gerai Dekranasda Probolinggo you could contact them on +62 822-3311-8038, +62 852-3145-2022, +62 821-4399-1720. or follow their Instagram @dekranasdakotaprobolinggo. (*)

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