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Green Tea Ginger Ale to Boost Your Immune System

Senin, 11 Oktober 2021 - 03:44
Green Tea Ginger Ale to Boost Your Immune System Green tea ginger ale. (PHOTO:

TIMES BANYUWANGI, JAKARTAGreen tea ginger ale is made from real ginger and green tea that has many health benefits. This beverage is a perfect accompaniment as you relax during the cold weather.

According to Health Shots, green tea and ginger is the perfect match. In fact, ginger has anti-inflammation properties that is effective in reducing inflammation.

Green tea ginger ale is good for boosting your immune system. Besides, green tea ginger ale can relieve stress and help you lose some weight.

Ginger has many health benefits, such as lowering the risk of cancer, diabetes, and relieve menstrual pain.

In addition to that, green tea can be combined with lemon to make your body feel refreshed. According to the researchers in Purdue University, lemon can balance our bitterness in green tea.

Lemon water is rich in antioxidant that can strengthen your immune system. If you want to get the maximum benefits, you should not add the lemon water directly into the hot green tea. (*)

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