Hajj Plus, The Best Deal to Do Pilgrimage in Comfortable Way

Jumat, 02 Juni 2023 - 22:15
Hajj Plus, The Best Deal to Do Pilgrimage in Comfortable Way Illustration: pilgrims in Makkah. (Photo: Dok TI)

TIMES BANYUWANGI, JAKARTA – Some people would like to do their hajj in luxury way. That's why the Indonesian government has a package they called as Haji Plus or Elite Hajj. According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) of Indonesia the cost 2 times more expensive than the regular hajj. 

According to them, the cost of Hajj Plus in 2023 has reached hundreds of millions of rupiah. Hajj Plus is a special Hajj program offered by the Ministry of Religious Affairs along with regular Hajj, providing additional facilities and conveniences for prospective pilgrims.

As reported on the official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Nur Arifin, the Director of Umrah and Special Hajj Affairs, stated thta the cost of Hajj Plus is set at $8 K. When converted to the exchange rate of IDR 15 K, the cost of Hajj Plus in 2023 amounts to approximately IDR 120 million, with an initial deposit of $US 4,000 or around Rp 60 million.

Additionally, the travel where they register may offer package prices above the minimum cost. This is because the mentioned rate is the minimum amount that prospective pilgrims must pay. 

The facilities provided include faster departure schedules, accommodations near Masjid al-Haram, more hotel facilities, accommodation and meals provided by the organizers, as well as more intensive and exclusive Hajj guidance.

Regarding the quota, the Ministry of Religious Affairs adjusts it based on the quota for each province. The waiting period for Hajj Plus tends to be faster, around 5-9 years, compared to regular Hajj, which can take decades. (*)

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