The Tourism Industry in Banyuwangi has been Back in Business

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2021 - 00:44
The Tourism Industry in Banyuwangi has been Back in Business A visitor enjoying her time at Ijen Crater Banyuwangi. (PHOTO: Almas Putri Muslimah For TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES BANYUWANGI, BANYUWANGI – Recently, the local government of Banyuwangi has decided to reopen 35 of their iconic tourist destinations in the city. This gives another atmosphere to the tourism as well hospitality industry  inthe area.

During the first three week of the reopening, there were spotted around 22.000 visitors flock to those destinations. Yowards thus issue, the local ordered those destination s to keep following the safety guidelines the government has appealed.

"On the first week we calculate around 6.000 visitors. The second week we spotted around 15.000 visitors in a week, and the third week was quite satisfying, we have 22.000 visitors in just just week to all those destinations," tge Head of Disparbud Banyuwangi, M Yanuarto Bramuda said on Tuesday (5/10/2021).


Meanwhile the hotel occupants also has a surge of occupancy. "For this week, we have around 7000 occupants, and a week before it went to 5.000 occupants. And that's give a snowball impact to some other industry such as restaurant and local MSMe," he added.
During this time of pandemic, each of the tourist destination was only allowed to take 25% visitors of their maximum capacity.  The visitors should also able to show their vaccine certificates before coming to this places.


The local government of Banyuwangi through their tourism industry tries to appeal the society to join the Covid-19 vaccination for their own safety. With the rising number of those people being vaccinated, the number of infection was declining and the risk of death could be eliminated. (*)

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