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Taste the Herbal Drinks Made by The Students of Skabimmu Mojokerto

Kamis, 29 April 2021 - 23:19
Taste the Herbal Drinks Made by The Students of Skabimmu Mojokerto Temulaku, a herbal drink made by SMK Bhakti Indonesia Medika PPMU or Skabimu. (Photographs: SMK Bhakti Indonesia Medika PPMU for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES BANYUWANGI, MOJOKERTOSMK Bhakti Indonesia Medika PPMU Mojokerto or well known by the local community as Skabimmu has created so much graduates with good quality. It's because they have never stop innovating to make their students more creative. Including creating some herbal drink during this pandemic.

Located at Jalan A Yani No 656, Candirejo, Awang-awang, Mojossari, Mojokerto, East Java, Skabimmu has supported their students in creating some herbal drinks. The students has created around the kinds of herbal drink with different herbs and spindles in it.

FKK-2.jpgKece or Kencur Celup made if aromatic ginger by Skabimmu.

"We have Kece or Kencur Celup, Temulaku, and then Moringa Oleifera," Sofia Angela, the staff operator of SMK Bhakti Indonesia Medika PPMU said.

Sofia said that Kece or Kencur Celup was made of dried aromatic ginger which then milled into flour. "It's good for cancer, lower your BP, and a good anti-inflammatory agent," Sofia added.

Meanwhile the Temulaku was made of Javanese turmeric  and the regular turmeric you could found on the store. According Sofia this combination was good to raise your appetite. "It could boost your immune as well," she said.

Last but not least, Moringa Oleifera their last product of herbal drink has another health properties thoroughly your body. It helps you control your diabetes, helps you lose your weight, as an anti inflammatory agent, and boost your immune.

FKK-3.jpgMoringa Oleifera from moringa leaves by Skabimmu.

"We support the students to find their real interest. Either for those Nursery major, Medical Laboratorium Techniques and Community and Clinical Pharmacy," Sofia added.

Meanwhile, the Headmaster of SMK Bhakti Indonesia Medika PPMU or Skabimmu, Hj Siti Sofiya SKM, said that they have sent their graduates to work on local hospitals such as RSUD Mojokerto, Kartini, Arofah, Mawaddah, Sakinah, Apotik Viva Generik and more. Some of them chose to go to the university for further study. (*)

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